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KT and Sports - My Letters - Khaleej Times Dt. 01.03.2011

My Letters - Khaleej Times Dt. 01.03.2011 - KT and Sports

1 March 2011

The coverage of World Cup 2011 by KT is gaining remarkable interest by each day. The amazing quality photos and the amount of interesting content covered within the shortest possible time is amazing.

‘First Slip’ calls for realistic criticism and the observations are what every reader wants to have from his 
own thoughts.

There is confusion in plenty about the umpiring and all these should have been tested, and probable errors should have been eliminated, well before this prestigious event. Multiple analyses for judgment is always good, and should have been the case here.

Talking about ‘Reverse Appeal’, it covers all elements of the matches that are played each day.

From an outsider’s perspective, away from the stadium, it is interesting to read them. Why not include a front appeal at the end with a short prediction of what is in store on the next day’s play. It will be then interesting for readers to see how and what the sports team predict in tandem with our own judgment on the forthcoming matches.

On the match between India and England played at Bangalore, it was made exciting by an absolutely poor bowling performance by the Indian bowlers. Barring Zaheer Khan’s lucky spell in the later part of the game, England won the game convincingly. Even the last partnership proved that India has a toothless attack hitting them for sixes at will.

With one strike bowler and seven batsmen, Indian Captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni has been riding on his luck for quite some time and looks like this is the borderline match that will drift his lucky ride down to a different level.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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