Friday, November 22, 2013

Feed birds in the park, not street - Letters to the editor - The National Dt. 20 November 2013

Feed birds in the park, not street

Walking along the Istiqlal street in Abu Dhabi recently, I was shocked to see pieces of bread had been thrown on to the pavement near an advertising sign.

I realised that this was done by someone with the intention of feeding the birds, mostly pigeons, in the area.

Although feeding birds may be considered a humane act or devotional gesture, it contributes to the bird droppings all around the area, including on parked cars and the windows and balconies of nearby buildings.

The municipality is spending a huge amount of money to keep our city clean. Encouraging these birds to live in the inner-city area detracts from the environmental, ecological and aesthetic qualities of the locality.

For this reason, I think that feeding birds in the city should be discouraged. Instead, feeding areas for birds and other animals could be set up in public parks and gardens.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kadugodi/Whitefield Railway Pedestrian Over Bridge now a reality - Thank You All

Dear Friends and well wishers,

I am extremely happy to inform you all that the Kadugodi Railway Over Bridge is now a reality. My sincere thanks goes to all those who put in an effort to make a CRY for this important path way. Sincere thanks also goes to the Indian Railway authorities, local administrative staff, politicians and all media and journalists who understood the importance of this pedestrian over bridge at Whitefield Railway Station. We have lost many life and let no death happen again as a result of crossing the railway track.

Thank you all those who supported. To all Passionate Photographers group members. This is just one example, what you can do if you have a Passion for Photography and commitment to the safety of the society you live.

God bless,

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
15th November 2013

p.s: Photo Courtesy: Deepika Jayanth Bhat.
And she comments:

Finally the pedestrian fly over construction is completed and before inauguration we have started using it. But my concern is, what is the use of so many approaches made by number of people to get this fly over constructed! Where as a large group of people still prefer to cross the railway tracks by redrisking their lives without any hesitation!!! I pity!!! It hardly tales 4minutes to use the fly over but people find 4minutes walk not necessary! My opinion is to Close all the gates which provides easy for people to cross the tracks directly and make it compulsory to use the fly over!