Sunday, March 31, 2013

GPS systems can make life easier

GPS systems can make life easier

Most of the leading airlines serving provide a limousine service to pick up and drop off their business and first-class passengers.

However, recently, it has become a nightmare to accept the services offered by the transport companies who operate these vehicles on behalf of the airlines.

The guest must confirm and reconfirm his or her location at least two days before departure.

However, in my experience, the driver often still has difficulty finding the location. Many of the cars do not have GPS - or, if a GPS is installed, the driver does not know how to use it.

In many cases, the driver is unable to reach the passenger's home at the agreed time, meaning there is a delay in reaching the airport.

Sometimes, I have had to get a taxi or call on a friend or relative to drop me off at the airport when the car has not arrived.

I think that the major airlines should make it mandatory for the vehicles they use to have a GPS system and a driver who is trained to use it. This would avoid unnecessary telephone calls, arguments and frustration.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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