Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mobile danger

Mobile danger

I always thought that using mobile phones while driving is a dangerous activity. I am now convinced that using mobile phones while doing any other activity is equally dangerous.

I read about two deaths that happened when those involved were crossing the railway track while listening to music on their earphones. They noticed only the train from one side and missed the fast one from the opposite side.

Here in the UAE too, I have read about a recent incident when a driver tried to send an SMS while driving, lost control of his car and perished in a collision.

It doesn’t end there. Just the other day, I was walking on the narrow corridors of a residential building.

A mother with a child in a pram and a daughter along with her were walking in a zigzag manner while talking on the phone. Whenever I tried to overtake and pass by, the mother  unknowingly blocked that side.

She was also not careful about her child who was walking ahead. The child rushed as the lift arrived and stood in the middle of the door before it opened.

Suddenly a man rushed towards the exit while talking on his phone. He hardly noticed the little girl and literally ran over her. There was total commotion, argument and blame.

Don’t you feel talking on the mobile phone should not be done while engaging in other activities?

Ramesh Menon

for SHORT TAKE, GULF TODAY Dt. 20.04.2013

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