Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stub it out

Stub it out 

Smoking is an addiction. Several times we are in a work environment where colleagues like to smoke. For some, it is difficult to quit for whatever reasons. These days, fortunately, we have special smoking zones located away from the building entrance.

I have a colleague who is junior to me in age. Whenever I see him going out for a smoke, I request him to stub the habit out. He merely smiles and proceeds his own way. Our office is situated in a high-rise. We operate from different floors, his being in a lower one.

One day, as I was waiting for the elevator to go upwards, this colleague came rushing to go down for a smoke.

The lift that arrived was going up. I told him to join me up first and then go down to the basement. I continued, “You don’t stop smoking. By holding you back for some time, at least I could prolong some precious moments of your life away from your self- inflicted suicidal habit.”

He smiled and has promised to try quitting the habit.

Ramesh Menon

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