Saturday, April 6, 2013

Caution – Foot over bridge work in progress! - Kadugodi pedestrians over bridge issue update

Caution – Foot over bridge work in progress!

It’s an interesting site to note. At last the foot over bridge work in progress..

A big caution – as announced in the sign clearly. We all do not know how long it will take to finish.

As written wrongly, there are several wrong things associated with this construction project taken up by the authorities. It may continue for a longer time than we all expect.

So, watch your way. There are no barricades, no protection, no safety measures to safeguard public who move around towards the railway and bus station.

I am really amazed by the service standards and approach towards safety of one of the leading government organisation of India!.

With absolutely no lighting at night, I wish this project site does not become another accident spot.

Please Take Care, and also call all those who supported in the cry for this foot over bridge to continue watching and keep our cry loud and clear till it becomes a reality.

Ramesh Menon
Picture courtesy : Jayanth Bhat

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