Friday, April 5, 2013

Mandatory GPS

Mandatory GPS Many of the leading airlines in the UAE provide the limousine service to pick up and drop off their business and first class passengers. However, recently it has become a nightmare to deal with the transport companies that carry out this service on behalf of the airlines. The guests are confirmed and then reconfirmed of their booking and address, two days prior to their departure. It is then followed up with a phone call, when the guests are given the contact number of their driver. Beyond all this, on the day of travel the driver usually finds it difficult to reach the passenger’s given address at the promised time, which leads to worries about the delay in reaching the airport on time.

Guests sometimes hire a taxi or ask a friend for an emergency drop off. This happens, I believe, when the transport companies use drivers based in Dubai to pick up passengers from Abu Dhabi or vice versa. I humbly request all major airlines functioning in the UAE to make it mandatory for their service providers to install a Global Positioning System (GPS) in their vehicles. This would save the hassle for both drivers and passengers. In addition, an effective implementation of GPS in all taxis within the cities should also be thought about and incorporated soon to make our transport system much more efficient.

From Mr Ramesh Menon,Abu Dhabi

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