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Cool Factor - Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 26.03.2011

Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 26.03.2011 - Cool Factor

Cool factor

What at an exciting game of knock-out matches happening at WC 2011. Australian team were really floored by both Pakistan and India in consecutive matches. Keeping the nerves and keeping cool is an important element, required all the time in life to achieve success and victory.

Not many people practise this art or at least even attempt to learn it. Till some time ago, I myself was one who never achieved this target. Or even now, I can openly admit. It is easy to get intimidated or distracted and lose the focus of our objectives.

In life, everyone has to have a smaller objective and Bigger Objective. While working short term for the smaller objectives, our prime focus should be on the Bigger version of it.

The pace and methodology with which we should go about should be strategically developed for the execution of such a strategy. But many times, we tend to focus on the smaller objectives which will totally take us out and away from our Bigger objectives. We can illustrate this situation many times by small events happening in our life.

One such incident happened to me recently. I was driving down the highway early morning towards Dubai from Abu Dhabi. With not much traffic and with music on, my concentration was to watch out for a diversion to particular place I had to go. I was almost sure that I was nearer to that diversion and at this time, I happened to watch closely in the side mirror a beautiful car approaching mine. With a passion for automobiles, I was unable to take my eyes of her, slowed down the speed and watched the beautiful Blue Rolls Royce Phantom passing me like a race horse. I took a closer look at it, the number, the model and even the driver. All this happened within a matter of 1 or 2 minutes at the speed of 120 km approved speed limit on the highway.

In the same instance I realised I missed my important turning, crossing it, making me drive for a retour and valuable time of almost 45 minutes.

Ramesh Menon

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