Saturday, March 19, 2011

Short Take - Gulf Today Dt. 19.03.2011 - Nature’s wrath

Short Take - Gulf Today Dt. 19.03.2011 - Nature’s wrath

Life on a Friday usually is quiet and relaxed at home, helping with family and greeting and treating occasional friends. But, Friday March 11 turned out to be a different one. Switching on the TV casually around 11 am, I was alerted about the evolving news of the tragedy happening in Japan at that moment.

Japan experienced the worst ever earthquake disaster in its modern history followed by a deadly tsunami leading to massive destruction in the northern part of the country. All happiness suddenly vanished as we watched with awe the reality happening in front of us through available TV channels transmitting the tragedy — our helplessness in front of Mother Nature on fully fury.

Boats, ships and cars were floating like they were made of paper. There was absolutely no question of human power against that rage. Every witness remained silent without knowing what to do next. All available modern technology were used to forewarn the danger to its next destination and although it saved many life from other parts, what happened in those few hours in Japan will remain forever in our mind.

Several times we, mankind boast of our knowledge and technology power. This tragedy happened like a warning to us that Mother Nature is beyond our control. Our silent prayers, sympathy and condolences are with the entire nation. Japan will recover and come back from this tragedy very fast. They have the will power and mental strength to regroup from tragedies. They have proved it before and we pray silently for all those affected to rebuild themselves and their dreams once again.

Ramesh Menon

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