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Value of money - Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 12.03.2011

Value of money - Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 12.03.2011

Whenever opportunity and time permits, I love to do voluntary work, supporting various social causes. Recently on travel, I had the opportunity to attend and serve in one such union of equal minds. It was a huge event happening inside a university compound and there were many volunteers from various parts of the world. Students from the university were also actively participating in it.

Food for all was supplied at a canteen installed for the purpose and had very delicious array of vegetarian food items with various fruit drinks and milk products.

During breakfast time, I was waiting in line for my turn, when I noticed a group of four boys, whom I had noted before for their enthusiasm, rushing in. They were in an adjacent queue and I observed one of them ordering four milkshakes for them. The cashier at the counter told the boy that it would cost him Rs. 60/ for four glasses. Suddenly, the face of the boy turned pale as he searched his pocket and then looked around at his friends, and then answered quickly. Sir, I will order only one, as we love to share our drink and it will taste better. It was obvious from his answer that they had only fifteen rupees within them as luxury to buy anything extra.

Watching this, tears rolled down from my eyes instantaneously, and I tried to intervene with the cashier and the boys asking them permission to buy them three more drinks so that each one can have one glass full. They were so persistent that they refused politely my offer and went on collecting the one single glass of milkshake sipping one after another its content.

It brought back memories to my college days where I had very limited pocket money and survived on whatever little available all throughout. It also brought memories to my own little son and his innocent demand of a vegetable burger long ago when I had not even Dhs5 in my pocket.

Value of money is one thing children have to be taught whenever an opportunity arises.

Ramesh Menon

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