Tuesday, March 15, 2011

KT Readerspeak - Is there a place today for reading and writing?

KT Readerspeak - Is there a place today for reading and writing?

Welcome to the sixth edition of KT Readerspeak with a brand new topic for discussion to which our website readers, print loyalists and our Facebook community can contribute.

Just post your response below to the following question, write in to ktreaderspeak@khaleejtimes.ae or log on to www.facebook.com/khaleejtimes. This week’s question is:

Is there a place for reading and writing in today’s world?

My online comments as follows:

Volunteering and supporting remotely the 4th Used Book Fair organized by Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services I was able to send across a good collection of English, Arabic and French books for all ages to Manzil, a participating charity institution in the Fair.

With interest, I keenly followed up with the organizers each day the progress of this event.

The organizers did not end their efforts by merely setting up the stalls. SCHS had two interesting pavilions for children to showcase their reading and writing talent. One was specifically marked for children to draw a picture and write a short story on a specially designed paper. Each participating child was given a framed certificate enclosing their own creativity in it. It was really motivating small children to come and try their own skill at drawing and writing.

Another opportunity for children at the fair was a pavilion by SCHS to try and spell their names using Sign Language. A graphical representation was given to them and looking at it they could try and spell out their names. It was really a great experience as children, and even adults of all ages were made aware by this the value of speaking ability given to all of us.

The days of read aloud stories is dying slowly with the new age electronic generation which encourages short worded communication. However, events and activities such as these stand out and tells us that there exists a few special people who try their best to generate an opportunity for children to find a place in their life for reading and writing.

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