Monday, February 28, 2011

Call for punishment and control of Piyush Chawla and other Indian Bowlers from using foul language on field

Call for punishment and control of Piyush Chawla and other Indian Bowlers from using foul language on field

The 2011 World Cup match between India and England played at Banglore was made exciting by an absolutely poor bowling performance by the Indian bowlers. Barring, Zaheer Khan’s lucky spell in the later part of the game, England won the game convincingly. Even the last partnership proved that ours is a toothless attack hitting them for sixes at will. Indian Captain Mahindra Singh Dhoni has been riding on his luck for quite some time and looks like this is the borderline match that will drift his lucky ride down to a different level.

What made me more disgusting was the onfield conduct of the Piyush Chawla after getting hit and taking the wicket of Bresnan in the penultimate over. He was using an swearing publicly at the player and using the most unwarranted language (Ba*** Ch**th) to be exhibited to millions of public especially youngsters watching the game at the stadium and live on TV worldwide. It added more insult and opportunity of public display as all the TV channels showing expert commentary showed the particular over which was one of the turning point for the match.

As an ardent cricket lover and of Indian Cricket Team, I feel extremely ashamed by his conduct and display which is devaluing our culture and hospitality. In addition, conduct of such types seen by youths may be an unwanted example to emulate.

Piyush Chawla by his conduct therefore have done an offense (No. 2.1.4) according to the ICC Code of Conduct and I humbly request ICC and BCCI to act strongly against him by imposing suitable fine and/or even banning from one match.

All Indian players, in particular bowlers should also be warned against using abusive language in Hindi or any other language when on field.

I wonder where are the Shiv Sena, Rama Sena and the women rights wing members, when players freely exhibit such unwarranted public display against of emotions about our motherhood and culture. Wake up and act against them.

Not to forget one of the recent YouTube videos of a match played (not world cup) where the stump mike picked Mahendra Singh Dhoni commenting on Sreesanth fielding at the boundary line not to watch girls and request MSD to control what is happening just under his nose being done by some of his favorites. In that way, looking at Sreesanth's aggresion and the punishment he has received were mostly biased when considering these type of abusive expressions happening on the field.

Cricket is a game involving huge money and television audience. Thus, code of conduct by players have great value.

Ramesh Menon

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