Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Manzil - celebrating 6th birthday on 7th February 2010

Manzil - celebrating 6th birthday on 7th February 2010

Manzil is a non-profit organization supported by friends like you who want to productively change the lives of individuals with special needs. The Centre seeks to apply educational, therapeutic and creative experiences to encourage and empower the physical, emotional and social development of its students. Going forward, Manzil increasingly seeks to integrate individuals with disabilities into the social, educational and vocational mainstream, and to be a role model for more broad based efforts along these lines across the UAE.

As a non-profit centre, we rely on voluntary support to help make a difference to the lives of children and young adults with special needs. It is through community service that we can provide the opportunity for every student to learn and to have the chance to give back.We have currently 40 students who are benefiting from our organisation,

We are happy to inform you that Manzil is celebrating it's 6th Birthday on the 7th February 2011.

We look forward to your support and good wishes.

Staff Coordinator
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