Monday, April 18, 2011

Good and bad signs at the mall - My Letters - THE NATIONAL Dt. 18.04.2011

Good and bad signs at the mall - My Letters - THE NATIONAL Dt. 18.04.2011

Into the second day of an advertisement campaign about a showroom opening promotional deals for customers, I saw a huge queue of prospective and curious customers to the Abu Dhabi mall trade and business centre. Is it a prospective sign and shows increased customer spending? If so, it is a good sign for all of us.

On the other hand, this resurgent interest to visit the mall has created a complex traffic situation in the area. Traffic was slow moving and standstill for most of Thursday afternoon and continued the trend on Friday evening too. Abu Dhabi Mall area forms the mouth of the waves of traffic coming in and out of the city and any congestion in the area automatically leads to blocks elsewhere. It was experienced by all those who resides or work or had to reach the area during that time.

I wish authorities act fast and implement a systematic routing of the traffic to keep the flow continuous whenever such super scenarios arise.

In addition, mall authorities and shops should plan and provide special sales offers to customers only during after office hours and holidays. It will thus reduce access problems to those who wish to reach the embassies and offices situated in the area during regular office hours.

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