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Caring hearts - Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 23.04.2011

Caring hearts - Short Take - GULF TODAY - Dt. 23.04.2011

I was walking back along the long corridor when I heard a loud prompt from my back. “We know that you write regularly. Please write about our department.”

I turned and with a smile told the chief nurse on duty, “Sister, I had already put it as a topic on my writing list.”

Yes, for the last four years, the long drive to Mafraq hospital in Abu Dhabi and its long corridors leading towards the Oncology department have been a routine.

The doctors, the nurses, administration, support staff and the restaurant employees — They were all caring and were always willing to assist whenever we needed any emergency assistance.

As I collected the discharge report and medical history of my mother from the head nurse, we couldn’t speak to each other.

A wry smile eclipsed on our face. She knew very well that I will not be returning there for my mother’s purpose again.

While passing by the waiting area, I met a familiar patient, who has become a family friend by now. She was anxious to know why I had come alone. I did not tell her anything, as I said, I just came to collect some report.

But, she was smelling something, as we all knew each others’ treatment cycle and stage. Her eyes were speaking of anxiety as she turned her face not to speak further.

Yes, for the past few years, that long drive to Mafraq hospital from Abu Dhabi and the long walk through the scenic areas surrounding it were “our only picnic,” as it was told to me by mother during one of her trips.

It was a place bound to generate compassion but well maintained to conceal each individual’s privacy.

So, each of those patients returned from its exit gate, more revitalised and reassured with a prolonged stay in this world.

Thank you doctors and staff and let God give you more strength to serve patients suffering from the “Emperor of all maladies.”

Ramesh Menon

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