Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mind Speaks - Are you an Indian – then a life without cricket is going to be difficult?

Mind Speaks - Are you an Indian – then a life without cricket is going to be difficult?
Watching the ICC World Cup 2011 finals from the oncology ward of a hospital in Bengaluru, I realized one important thing. The sport and its players have the top most privileges and audiences in India. Every activity was suspended during the second session. Even operations were postponed and doctors, patients and bystanders all watched the game on tv screens with interest. The roads were almost empty and as the game progressed the discussions also. Why Sreesanth was played, and then why not he was not given a suitable slip field placement which would have given him one or two prize wickets, why not Ashwin instead of him were all valid discussions happening around till the time MS Dhoni hit the winning six. Then it was all jubilation, everyone forgetting their pain within for a momentary period.

It was interesting to see the after-effects of the victory too. Politicians competing with each other in giving money and then land to the players. I am also joining in the celebration with all my fellow Indians, and at the same time raising my concern about the neglect of other sports by top leaders and bureaucrats to support their development. This frenzy and festivities now followed immediately by the ongoing IPL 4 matches. The feel and fever for cricket is non-stop and persistent in our blood now.

Interestingly, cricket is also bringing in plenty of superstitious elements into the youth and adults alike. May be one may argue it is all statistics but again, is it all statistics? I am not sure.

One thing I am sure, every young player who takes up cricket cannot be as lucky as S Sreesanth or cannot be as hardworking and lethal as Lasith Malinga. Let all sports and personnel get equal coverage.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Monday, 11.03.2011

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