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Mind Speaks - Arrival of Kochi Rajas - 2011 IPL T20

Mind Speaks - Arrival of Kochi Rajas - 2011 IPL T20

Well. Well. Well. A few weeks ago, I was writing against the domination of cricket and the prominence its players were getting when compared to other sports. Now, I am changing side. I haven’t got any bribe from the cricketing gods. It’s just because of the starting of the domination by some - individuals - underdogs like Paul Valthaty, Ravindra Jadeja, and - team - Kochi Tuskers Kerala playing in the 4th edition of IPL 2011.

A few days ago, everyone got carried away when Sachin Tendulkar got a 100 although getting out twice on his way to it. That day, while coming in to field, the whole of Mumbai Indian supporters including him and his team never believed the impossible to happen. They silently let loose a winning combination to perform and a team in its teething stages enjoy learning the “Will to Win”. With their bold decision to leave Muralidharan and Sreesanth out of the playnig eleven, Kochi Tuskers Kerala showed that the choice of playing good cricket is in the players hands. Wickets were falling at regular intervals and till the time Ravindra Jadeja hit those two powerful sixes, Mumbai Indians never really accepted that enemy have arrived in their front door, in fact already entered inside. I think it was an experience that would have taught Mumbai Indians to "never underestimate anyone" and today Chennai Super Kings too got a taste of this time proven mantra.

Every one might have thought that it was a one off display until the match that finished a few moments ago at Cochin with Chennai Super Kings. M S Dhoni and his team were unable to digest the fact that a team comprising of no big names when compared to theirs offering winning shake hands. Slow motion TV replays showed many of the players in yellow were unable to look at the face of Ravindra Jadeja. Its true, they just can’t believe or digest it. That was the effect of his sixes in this match that it could be termed the most outrageous act of recent cricket. It was as if he was proving a point or two to many.

Yes, this seasons T20 is proving out to be a commoners sports. Imagine any game that the village boys play with conviction and courage. It reminds me of my own younger days, when we used to play matches between village teams. Having left with limited cricket gears many times we go out to bat with one pad and one glows. We used to have a courageous young boy, Justin, amongst us, who worked part time as a taxi driver for his living. He was our trump card while playing bigger teams. He practiced with focus whenever he could get a chance that he was so accurate to hit the knee cap or toe end at any given opportunity to ball. He was thus lethal. When given the bat, the opposition had to always keep extra balls as his hits were outrageously huge to go far beyond our playground and reach the temple pond. Batters like Paul Valthaty and Ravindra Jadeja and our own RV Gomez with the ball brought back his memories. Its just a matter of will to win and winning ways.

Of course the rain gods kindness yesterday and the winning toss meant that it saved KTK from any further helicopter attack by MSD and company during the end overs.

For KTK batters like Brenden McCullum, Mahela Jayawardane, Parthiv Patil and Ravindra Jadeja have all stood up to the challenge they were thrown in. With no gimmicks or paints around, bowlers like RP Sing, R Vinay Kumar and Raphi Gomez comes in a bowl according to captains plans. We could see fielders throw in and "do all little little things right to get the final thing perfect". I am sure these winning ways and cool approach by Mahela Jayawardane will give sufficient learning opportunities, self control techniques and winning ways to some of our temperamental players. This is a long series and if they re-learn those tricks fast, they too can join the party from within the ground.

Well done KOCHI TUSKERS KERALA. MY COLOR IS ORANGE AND PURPLE from now on. Good luck to all of you in the future games. For viewers these T20 matches gives a few management techniques along with sheer joy of power cricket within the shortest time. No two minds - this game is going to stay longer and its players with more money.

Ramesh Menon

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