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Personal Touch - Short Take - GULF TODAY Dt. 30.04.2011

Personal Touch - Short Take - GULF TODAY Dt. 30.04.2011

Personal touch

I have a Parrot named Mittu, which whistles back whatever we prompt. I also have a good collection of plants in my balcony. These two have become an integral part in my life since some time. It all started as an attempt by us to return home every night whenever we venture outside. Having the thought of these members who cannot speak remaining un-attended have definitely worked in favour and achieved our goal towards it.

There are times when we cannot remain pledged to this commitment and recently it happened that we all had to go on emergency for an unplanned period.

As usual, I had to rely on my caretaker, who came diligently and fed the bird and watered my plant every day.

On my return, I found that our pet was looking thin with most of its feathers gone and the plants also looking lifeless. I knew immediately what the reason was. Within two or three days, they were both looking fine and healthy as before.

The secret was the personal attention, care and a few minutes of special time spent for each one of them. With the parrot, in addition to his regular food of sun flower seed, we used to give it bits and pieces of whatever vegetarian food, biscuits, bread etc we were having.

Constantly, we were keeping it active by talking or rather whistling to it and it was this personal touch that was missing for it. For the plants, each time when I watered, I made sure, if ever there is any weed or dried leaf on them and made it look neat and clean. This personal touch was missing for both of them.

No wonder the old saying in our epics “a personal touch in our deeds is the best rejuvenating medicine for all living beings” remains true forever.

Ramesh Menon

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