Monday, March 17, 2014

Watch them flower - Reader Picture of the day - Gulf News Dt. 17 March 2014

Watch them flower - Reader Picture of the day - Gulf News Dt. 17 March 2014

Have you ever watched the Date Palms flowering process. If not, watch them from now on. The trees have started flowering. 

Normally, the process happen after the second quarter of every year. But the last year, weather and nature was not kind enough and as a result, the palm trees did not flower during that time. These two important factors - Weather and Nature, always influence my photography. 

This year the UAE has been blessed with perfect weather and thus the trees have achieved their natural vegetation state.

It is time for you to take out your camera, identify a palm tree of your choice and photograph it every week, as the flowers grow and become a full fledged date fruit, which is harvested when it becomes ripe.
Enjoy your experiences as winter gives way to summer and all the related events occur.

It will be a good observation-cum-photography experience if you track it and also a great team activity with your friends and family. 

It will be a good experience for children to observe Nature and the seasonal changes and to observe and realise how nature announces the arrival of the seasons in its own way.

Since it is spread out over a period of four months, it will be also a test to find out how patient you are towards your short term and long term objectives.

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