Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Drivers must obey rules in wet weather - The National Dt. 27-03-2014

Drivers must obey rules in wet weather

There has been bad weather once again and multiple accidents on our roads (Heavy rain causes traffic delays and flooding throughout UAE, March 26).

It looks as if some people are determined to prove that whatever the authorities do to promote road safety, they will never change.

The scenario on the Dubai to Abu Dhabi road is the same every day. Even in wet weather, I see many drivers tailgating, driving above the speed limit and reading messages or texting while at the wheel.

The authorities should encourage road users to promptly alert them using 999 or another emergency contact number if they witness dangerous driving. At the same time, maintenance teams should ensure that they place adequate warning signs when there is roadwork happening.

If there is bad weather or other dangerous driving conditions, police, road transport authorities, radio stations and both du and ¬Etisalat should alert motorists.

I strongly believe that until and unless we are able to change drivers’ attitudes, our roads will never be safe.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Letters to the editor, The National
online 26/03/2014
in print 27/03/2014

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