Monday, March 31, 2014

On : No attention has been paid to it,’ say Abu Dhabi residents of underground bins - The National Dt. 31 March 2014

It is indeed sad to note many high profile innovative initiatives instituted within the city die its own natural death within a very short time. These bins, the toilet system etc are straight forward examples. This has to be studied by the authorities and reason to be found out, whether they are not accepted by public or whether technical defaults are the causes for failure.

As regards to waste bins, it is a hygiene concern as many maintenance staff bring down the waste and then spread them down in front of the dust bins before they deposit it into the tall waste bins. They do it, either to segregate the metallic or saleable items from the waste or for several other reasons. Whatever it is, the action results in spreading the area with waste sediments which remain there till a cleaning unit comes and washes away.

A closer look at this issue has to be done by the authorities to keep the city neat and clean.

To read the original article and the letter on it, please visit The National online.

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