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Dangerous driving - Gulf Today, Dt. 22 March 2014

Dangerous driving

After a meeting in Dubai, I was returning back home to Abu Dhabi. It was Thursday around 10:50 pm and the road was busy with drivers either returning home or were visitors to Abu Dhabi for the weekend.

I was crossing the Shahama area of the E11 Dubai – Abu Dhabi road. Roadwork was going on in that area. It is my routine to drive within the speed limit on the 2nd last lane and always watch out for dangerous movements happening behind through all the three mirrors.

Suddenly, I noticed a car coming in extremely fast, flashing the light several times, half through the ambulance and half through the fast lane.

He came and passed in a flash, so much so that I was unable to even identify the type of car or its number.

His driving created a dangerous feeling in my mind. I was aware of the roadwork a kilometre away and the road narrowing ahead.

My mind prompted me to call 999 without any hesitation. Promptly, the central unit of the UAE Police picked up the call. I explained to the officer that I was witnessing a dangerous driving situation on the road.

Upon identifying the route, the officer transferred the call to probably the unit in charge of the particular section. All this time, I was on hands-free and talking to them as I drove ahead. By the time he was able to zero in on the location, I reached ahead to the location where the roadwork was happening.

I noticed several metal particles on the road and then saw at least five cars damaged badly. One of them was on fire. I realised that I had just escaped! If I were one minute ahead, I would have been in that crash!

The officer was still on the phone and I told him, “Sir, no point now. The accident I was trying to avert has already happened. It looks like a major one. Please send the rescue team.”

I am sure he was speeding all along the way. If there was one other person who noticed this dangerous driving and was there to call and alert the UAE Police on 999, a few kilometres before me, it could have been a different story.

Until and unless we are able to change the attitude of these one-off dangerously crazy driving minds on our roads, it will never be safe.

Ramesh Menon

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