Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Letter on: I don’t blame my son, it is not his fault, grieving father says - Gulf News Dt 05th March 2014

The comment by a student here make a deeper insight to several things happening among the children including their thinking pattern. It also bring to our attention several questions. Why we see an increased suicidal tendency happening in children in the UAE.  Is it due to parental negligence, lack of time or any other financial issues related to parents which are indirectly affecting children. Or is it due to some kind of unwarranted treatment or bullying happening at the school either by teachers or other students? Or rather is it due to an increased influence of tv or cinema showing suicides. Children are much knowledgeable these days as they have easy access to electronic media and are aware of everything happening in this world. Parents and schools have equally important role in grooming them to be a socially involved person, who does not get affected easily by minor or major situations affecting them in their day to day life. In the past, we grew up in an school system where a child from a very small age get proper attention from his teacher, who in all probability see him grow till he finishes his higher classes. The teacher also by his experience and close interactions with the parents, know what kind of upbringing the child gets from home. The frequent changes of teaching staff that may be happening within schools and shortage of experienced hands to impart value added education apart from the prescribed curriculum is a bigger threat to the future of our young generation. Since both the recent case of suicides involved Indian students and related to some unknown reasons connected with examinations, I humbly suggest the Community Affairs and Cultural Wing of Embassy of India to initiate necessary guidance programmes, talk shows to children at schools and at various community centres by eminent counsellors available within UAE and from India.

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