Monday, October 5, 2009

Talent Share - A talent or knowledge within you is to be shared - 1st Birthday

My Dear readers,

Tomorrow 6th October 2009, - a simple initiative started to promote creative activities of children and adults will celebrate it’s 1st birthday.

As silent or as aloud, through Team 1 blogs, various initiatives were made all the year along and I am proud to say that till this date, we have witnessed consistent contribution from 57 talented artists of different age. It is also a very happy moment to inform you that 18 schools from various parts of the world including UAE and reaching as far as Doha, Kuwait, and various parts of India participated with interest in showcasing their creativity through

Periodically, all the participating children were complemented with gifts and certificates. I would like to say a special word of thanks to Ms. Seema Shetty of NMC group for gifts offered and Charu and team of 89.1 Radio 4 FM for their support of free publicity during the first online competition ever held during last year. It was sheer guts by them to support a totally unknown concept by an unknown personality venturing with the motto “A talent or knowledge within you is to be shared”.

Yes, I believe in what I say, and is an example of it. What is the benefit of a knowledge or a talent if it remains within us. Imagine how it spread from one person to another to many, if it is shared. The beauty, the enjoyment and the thrill of sharing, it has to be enjoyed. Like a child who keeps the chocolate in his pocket without sharing it with his friends on a hot sunny day, your knowledge or talent, hidden and kept aside for your own enjoyment will melt down finally without benefiting you even.

This is a serious and sincere effort and so far being undertaken solely and I take this opportunity to invite more participation from arts and crafts teachers and those who are interested to volunteer in sharing their valuable talent to come forward and be a part of Talent Share activities. All those who are interested to promote creative talent of children to the forefront through Talent Share blog and its activities to undertake the following responsible roles are welcome to contact me:

- to promote its activities

- encourage the participants

- give guidance and communicate with the participants

- participate in admin roles.

God bless all those creative talents who contributed silently and please pray for their continued interest in participating and promoting creativity which has no special forms in this world of excellence.

Sincere regards,

Ramesh Menon


Phone: +97150 4438306


  1. Happy Birthday and Ramesh Etta, please keep continuing your effort. It's an excellent effort.

    Akshay Iyer
    (from Mumbai)

  2. Dear Ramesh,

    On behave of the Readers Desk, Gulf News, we wish you a happy birthday and all the success for Talent Share.

    Kind regards.

  3. Hi Ramesh,

    It requires a great deal of time and effort to put this together for which I commend your work and initiatives. Especially since it is done purely for the benefit of children and nurturing their talents. You always had a good eye for new ideas and systems. Wishing you all the best,

    Seema Shetty.

  4. Congratulations Ramesh!!

    Being a silent supporter of all your initiatives towards spreading of positivity and quality, I am so happy to note the growth of the idea into what it is today, in such a short period of one year!
    Also, I believe this blog Talentshare has been the launch pad for your creativity and we have seen more and more sparks of ... Read moregreat creativity from you through, your various cartoons, blogs like Athaani,Team1dubai,Q4music etc,DAILY Laws or the various write ups in the media, or the fantastic images that you have captured through your lens in the last one year.. Keep up the great work and God bless you!

    Wishing Talentshare a very Happy Birthday and all the very best to your creative inputs..


  5. Dear Ramesh
    Thanks, first for accepting me as a friend, second for your sweet mail, and third for allowing me to expereince Talent SHARE.
    I must say that, Talent Share is not a small thing. Getting creative and exploring minds to SHARE both literally and figuratively, is something long lost in our culture. I am genuinely happy to share this with my students and i am sure they will learn to exchange , expereince and educate in similar style.
    I am so happy to have known you and love to be part of anything, that my little hands can contribute.


    Rajesh V

  6. Dear Ramesh,

    "Happy Birthday"

    We are here with full support.


    Godfrey and Family

  7. congrattsss RM on the wonderful achievements of this blog in just one year.. to promote creative talent of children is something challenging and the society owes it to you for engaging in such a great mission..cheers friend and best wishes always..:)

  8. Happy Birthday Talent share,all success in the years to come.

    Suja Rajeev

  9. Dear Ramesh,

    First of all, Hearty Wishes to you on the 1st Anniversary of Talent Share. There you have posted many things that will nurture the knowledge of our children, who are the knowledge seekers and fortune of future. Keep up your efforts to enlighten their lives and wish you all the best for your excellent efforts.

    Best wishes,

    Shaji Vallikkattiri
    Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.

  10. Dear Mr. Ramesh,
    Wish Talent Share happy birthday. I know how busy you are with official and personal responsibilities and engagement. In spite of all these you could maintain blog very effectively. May God shower all his blessings and guidance to make it more successful, effective and useful for the children.

    With best wishes

    K V Shamsudheen

  11. Congratulations!!!
    It's a great achievement Rameshji, Talent share blog has reached in these heights within a a proud moment for all of us. It's really a big deal and as an individual u have doen ur best for promoting creative talent of children. Ur hard works without any monetary benefit is behind the success of this blog. Wish u all the best in your future ventures and expecting more and more from u especially for our childrens.

  12. Its an excellent effort Ramesh and I am positive that with your dedication, more success would follow- reg

  13. wishing all success and support for Talent share..Motivation is what gets you started so i take this opportunity to thank Ramesh...for making Talent share a platform where our children the budding artists can exhibit their talents.Really appreciate the effort you put in and the support given by all of you here in this group.May we all together celeberate many more bdays of Talent Share.

  14. hi rameshji,

    Wishing all the best for ur efforts to work relentlessly for the betterment of ppl around u. keep up the good work.

  15. Dear Ramesh,

    Hearty congratulations...

    Glad to note your brain child, TALENT SHARE, is celebrating 1st birthday. It is always with admiration we have watched your enthusiasm and the quantum of effort you put in to popularise this project, is amazing. The concept, sharing talent and knowledge, itself is noval and rare in this globalized world where every thing is commercialised. Keep you good work going... Fond regards, Murali




  17. Please advise how my child cn become a member of Talent Share



  18. It's very simple, please become a Fan of Team 1 Talent Share on Face Book, by clicking the below link :

    Please also read the updates in the information section of this blog.