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Motorists endanger lives of others - Gulf News Community Report - Dt. 10 March 2014

Motorists endanger lives of others

Reader raises concern over motorists stopping in the middle of the road and causing blocks.

By Ramesh Menon, Gulf News reader
Published: 16:52 March 9, 2014

There are several ways one can invite accidents. I witness one such situation very often.

It occurs just in front of a mall in the Tourist Club Area of Abu Dhabi. Many a times, cars stop to pick or drop passengers, delivery vans stop to off-load items, or even tourist buses stop to drop people.

The extreme right line is the place where all this is happening. This is a road where traffic exists at all times during the day and these violations create blocks and near misses.

The concerned authorities should come out with a mechanism or safety system to alert and avoid the recurrence of this practice.

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