Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo Speaks - End of an era - Rivoli Building Abu Dhabi

Photo Speaks - End of an era

The Rivoli building in Hamdan Street of Abu Dhabi. It has been marked for demolition. Almost reaching its 30s or may be more, it was one of the spacious and beautiful building in Abu Dhabi in the olden days. Now that the tenants have been evicted, very soon, it will be demolished and we will get to see another new structure coming up in place.

For me, it holds a very special memory. One of my friend, late Mr. Sai Krishnan, was living there. A few years ago, he fell into the hands of some fraudsters and trapped in a financial fraud and ended his life by jumping from his apartment in the top floors of this building. Every day when I drive by, I think of him and his pleasing smile and serving attitude. It was serving as a memorial structure for him and to my thoughts about him.

May his soul rest in peace.

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