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My Letters - GULF NEWS Dt. 24.12.2010 - Baggage allowance

My Letters - GULF NEWS Dt. 24.12.2010 - Baggage allowance

Baggage allowance

Congratulations to Etihad Airways for being named the world’s leading airline for the second consecutive year at a travel industry event.

Etihad Airways now flies to many destinations from Abu Dhabi. Several new destinations, including those in South India, are being added in the near future.

A unified and standard 40 kilogram baggage allowance to all Indian destinations is a common wish-list among the passengers from Abu Dhabi. To travel by [Etihad] will then be a privilege for all to fly from Abu Dhabi, by the capital’s own airlines, from its state-of-the-art airport facilities.

I request Etihad Airways to kindly consider more baggage options on their flights to all Indian destinations alike.

It will also be a good idea for the airlines to partner with major electronic companies and shopping malls and provide special baggage vouchers on transportation of electronic appliances such as television.

This scheme will give a much required boost to revive the consumer sector.

From Mr Ramesh Menon
Abu Dhabi

Mr Hareb Al Muhairi, VP Sales UAE, Etihad Airways, responds:

Many thanks for your congratulations on Etihad winning the “World’s Leading Airline” award for the second year in a row.

Etihad continually looks to add new and innovative features to enhance the travel experience for our customers.

These features currently include online check-in and self check-in at Abu Dhabi airport.
We also recently launched our “India Connect” scheme for members of our Etihad Guest programme travelling to and from India.

India Connect has a range of partners in India and around the world, who provide special offers for members of the scheme.

These partners include restaurants, hotels, retail chains, telecommunications services and financial service providers.

In terms of baggage allowances, this is a key commercial aspect of the airline industry and needs to be managed carefully. That said, the levels Etihad offers customers in all our cabins are among the highest in the industry.

Mr Menon responds:

I thank the management of Etihad for their response. I look forward to their extended effort to give more baggage allowance, than the existing 23 kilograms, to passengers [flying] to Indian destinations so that more families can opt for flying out from Abu Dhabi.
It is the major detrimental factor when travelling during holidays as a family or for that matter as a group with luggage for a long stay.

Gulf News’ intervention has highlighted this issue and I hope that the management of Etihad will consider this important factor in their scope for improvement for passenger comfort and convenience to attract more business to Etihad as well as Abu Dhabi airport.

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