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Community Report - GULF NEWS - Dt. 06.12.2010 - A solution to the poster menace around Abu Dhabi

Community Report - GULF NEWS - Dt. 06.12.2010 - A solution to the poster menace around Abu Dhabi

  • Gulf News reader Ramesh Menon proposed the installation of notice boards around the city, in order to discourage residents from pasting ads on building walls, bus stops and other areas.

  • Image Credit: Ramesh Menon/Gulf News reader
    • A solution to the poster menace around Abu Dhabi

     Municipality could install notice boards at prominent places and charge fee
    In recent times, the authorities have come up with various initiatives to keep Abu Dhabi's streets neat and clean. These include action against putting up posters and littering.

    Sticking posters on walls and public bus stops has been an issue that spoils the image of cities all around the UAE. Motivated by the authorities' new initiatives, I went around Abu Dhabi and decided to highlight a few cases.

    I found that putting up bills and posters is not a one-off issue. They are pasted in all possible places at junctions and areas frequented by the public. A closer look brought out the content of most of the posters on display. They are either rooms for rent, tuitions or baby sitting jobs that are available.

    This shows the need for a common, convenient and economic platform for the public who wish to advertise locally.

    The same platform could also be used as an advertisement board to exhibit what is happening locally, within a short time frame.

    Through this community report, I therefore call on the municipality and development departments to install simple notice boards at prominent corners in each neighbourhood.

    People who wish to advertise could then do so after paying a fixed amount to the municipality or relevant authority. Inspectors could then monitor and also penalise those who post indiscriminately in non-designated places and spoil the beauty of our city.

    A section of these notice boards could be used to post advertisements of programmes happening within the city, organised by the authorities as well as private parties. This option would bring in added revenue.

    I sincerely hope this proposed system would help reduce the problem.

    The reader is a technical officer based in Abu Dhabi

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