Saturday, April 12, 2014

Talented kids

Talented kids

It was a special morning for me today. I was among a group of creative little minds that came to participate in the Blossom 2014 - a UAE open drawing and painting competition conducted by the Literary Section of India Social and Cultural Centre, Abu Dhabi.

Children from 7 to 17 years participated. Various interesting themes were given to them to express their mind and thoughts into a work of art on paper, either by sketching or drawing and colouring.

Believe me, the feelings of watching them express their imagination was beyond words. Some of them were truly talented. The way they started on a blank paper and finished was amazing.

From Abu Dhabi Corniche to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, date palm trees, fish market, pets and various other themes, they freaked out using a wild world of colours and lines.

Such kids have to be encouraged further and as a group we decided we would do our best.

However, it also brought out certain important observations. Some of them had never seen Abu Dhabi Corniche! Where the sun rises in Abu Dhabi Corniche? Some of them did not know how a date palm tree or how the steering wheel of a car looked like! Questions were aplenty.

It is an alarm and a reminder to parents and teachers. Interact with your children and students. Create a two-way conversation and nurture their talents. Allow them to express their minds and thoughts. Let them speak more and give your valuable time to listen to them. Show them and explain to them what is around and what is happening around.

Do not miss it out. Do not underestimate them and their talents! They are indeed a powerhouse of both. Give more time to family and children. End of the day, our world should revolve around them.

Ramesh Menon
Gulf Today - Short Take - 12 April 2014

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