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Tribute paid to the Ultimate Warrior - The National - Dt. 11 April 2014

Tribute paid to the Ultimate Warrior

In the late 1980s, those living in Abu Dhabi had very limited entertainment choices.

The wrestling shows broadcast on television and played on pre-recorded video cassettes were among the most keenly watched programmes.

It was at that time that real-life “Ultimate Warrior”, James Hellweg, rose to prominence.

Children and adults alike waited for him to appear and thrash his opponents, which often included the then reigning champions.

As I read the news about his demise, it took me back several years, to when life in the UAE was entirely different. The world, and especially in terms of entertainment options, has changed completely since then.

I am sure many who lived here in the 1980s will relive those days through the commemorations to this great artist and athlete.

Rest in peace, Ultimate Warrior.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Letters to the editor : The National Dt. 11 April 2014

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