Thursday, April 17, 2014

Our Story of the Date Palms - Unearthing a hidden treasure

Our Story of the Date Palms - Unearthing a hidden treasure

If you ask me, what is the most beautiful thing happening in the UAE currently, I will ask you to look at my photos herewith. It is purely natural and currently happening. If you postpone to observe this process for another, you will not get to enjoy it.

Can you see in it a crocodile with its mouth opened? Indeed yes, this crocodile has a big treasure of bounty for the UAE farmers!

A date palm tree with flowers, the branches have been captured as if nature is handing over the flowers to someone. Indeed, time for a new options to think for UAE farmers with date palm cultivation!

Date Palm Tree flower in close up. These look like the Jasmine flowers of our desert. Nurture them, harvest them, and let the nation prosper with another hidden treasure.

They say, there is always someone in a hurry among us. In this natural process too, if you observe, you will see, some flowers bloomed a bit earlier and already into the next stage. This is also a teaser of what awaits you, if you follow this process till the end.

Look at these bloomed flowers you will definitely admit, this is one of the best natural thing happening in the UAE right now. Take out your camera, enjoy the process with your family and friends. Let there be many more natural team building opportunities evolve.

As a long standing resident of the UAE, it is my interest in the local culture and tradition that led me to observe the flowering pattern and process of the date palm trees.

There is lot to learn when one observe it closely. History, culture, tradition, trade and commerce everything embedded in it. The result is an astounding 130,000 ton or more of dates sold and exported from UAE per annum!

For those interested in photography, I have an event "Our Story of the Date Palm Trees" created to photograph the process in the coming 4 months, submit them regularly along with a 300 words story in your language of the experience of following this natural process. Mind you, it is a challenge and it will test your determination and dedication to achieve a set goal. A good team building activity for parents with children, teachers with students and colleagues. All are welcome.

You may submit them at or in a dedicated event "Our Story of the Date Palm Trees" created at Passionate Photographers group on Facebook.

View each of the photos and start watching them from today. Follow the story at the online event "Our Story of the Date Palm Trees"

Please share this post with friends and family, who, you think will be interested.

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