Friday, April 4, 2014

Connection with a cause - Gulf Today - Short Take - 05th April 2014

Connection with a cause

This is the age of networking using the electronic media. Many of us have been on different social platforms connecting and reconnecting with new and old friends. So much so that at times we realise even communication within the family members is happening through these platforms rather than straightforward face-to-face talk.

It is with this idea that a few friends among us decided to have a gathering of family and friends who meet and connect through social networking platforms. 

Rightly named Face2Face with Friends, we met. Each of the guests were introducing and it was the turn of one person sitting at one corner. He stood and went to the podium and started speaking about him and his activities. Sitting next to me was a common friend.

When he completed, I was surprised to realise that he was one who was in my friend list, and with whom I regularly interact and ‘like’ each other’s posts, and more over from the same town back home! 

True that we had not met each other and apart from the communication through social networks, we had never bothered or rather got time to call each other and enquire about our well-being!

During my turn and many others, it was one topic that we discovered and discussed.

Try to have a realistic approach and move a few steps ahead of these networking virtual platforms, and try and understand the real problems of those around. Identify those in need of help, whether it is health, financial or mental issues. Promote an awareness to bring out zero suicide situation among the residents. Create increased awareness towards road safety and bring out a sense of financial discipline by guiding people to live within their means, avoiding too many credit cards and loans.

Indeed, it was a day well spent with emphasis on sharing knowledge and having some fun added with tasty food. 

Hope we will be able to take the momentum and good thoughts to a larger audience in the days ahead, of course through social networking platforms!

Ramesh Menon

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