Friday, October 5, 2012

Keep a Personal Touch in Everything You Do

Interacting with very close and personal people help us to identify and acknowledge ourselves how sensitive they are to our attention towards them. I never really gave a serious thought to this element in my life and to this important point. Possessiveness and close presence is one important factor essential for the continuous survival of each and every living being. Whether it is you or me, it is not different.

I realized it all the more the other day, when I noticed plants in my small balcony garden. Not many items in the small space, but they were alive, fresh and lively and I had to be away from my home for some days. I entrusted the job of watering them and nurturing them to one of my friend. Back home after a week, I found one of the main items in my balcony, a Tulsi plant, almost dying. I felt really bad. Not giving up hope, I started watering it again, and within one day, it has regained its freshness and vigor.

The case was the same for my pet parrot, Mittoo. Although, he fed him well, it was missing an important element. My personal touch to it. It too shed its feathers and was looking skinny when I came back. But, the moment I was back, I saw it interacting with enthusiasm and heartiness. Within no time, it is fit and healthy as ever.

I believed and continue to believe that life and interaction with any living being is a bridge of emotions with two way traffic continuous and uninterrupted. What we give to the other living being, in any form, is returned in almost a similar or at times with double intensity.

Watch Mittoo, relish fresh fruits as also view the almost died Tulsi plant as well as its status after just a day of watering.

When, some people show affection towards me, and my family at strange and cruel life situations, I feel the magnitude of their action, many fold to what we did towards them. Just an assurance or “will be there” without asking, when you are really in need of it, is a great feeling and confidence booster to look forward to a life ahead.

I realized, there are living beings that are intensely possessive and passionate about the way about I care for them, and they themselves return the same possession and passion with true devotion.

I am sure; this life reality is the same in your case too.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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