Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fury of nature

Reading about the ongoing nature's calamities happening in the US and in India in the form of Super storm Sandy and Cyclone Nilam, I just recollected and would like to share you my experience of travelling to the southern tip of Dhanushkodi, where Indian Ocean meets the Bay of Bengal. To reach the tip, one has to travel a distance of 22 kms from Rameshwaram, which could be done only using a 4x4 through marshy lands and sand strips close to the sea. The day we travelled was cloudy, and even though it was noon time, it was getting darker and darker with strong winds and waves reaching closer to the trail of our vehicle. The photo in this post is an abandoned fishermen's point. The confluence of both the oceans became invinsible as it started raining heavily and we were left with no option other than to abandon our stay there, without even coming out of the vehicle for even a few minutes. Although, I had taken exteme caution to protect my camera, it became totally difficult for me as the wind and rain started covering me and my equipment all over, and we felt it is no more safe to be there.

If it was the case on a normal and calm and quite day, imagine, how it would be on a day when the nature is at its full fury. It made me realise one important point. At certain point of time in our life, we just can't do anything, just watch and undergo the motions as it happens.

I pray for the safety of all those people who live in the path of these two natural calamities at this point of time and those who are currently in the sea for fun or profession to return safely.

Ramesh Menon

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