Saturday, August 29, 2009

Passionate Photography Thoughts by Ramesh Menon - Archiving

Passionate Photography Thoughts by Ramesh Menon - Archiving

Dear Passionate Photographers,

A warm welcome to all the new members of Passionate Photographers group on Face Book. As the name denotes, you all have joined this group out of your interest for Photography. For any form of creativity there should be no boundaries or restrictions. Because, what I feel creative may not be the same for someone amongst you. But, it doesn’t mean that what I have done is not creative. So, with the above statement, I relax a mandatory condition kept for photo submission to this group. You can post photographs on any subject you feel interested and comfortable – except children and pornography. This is to keep our forum from any controversies or issues. However, if you are able to find time to post photos pertaining to the selected topics (Best Moments of your Summer holidays, Animals and Birds, Flowers, Smile) provided as Theme for Summer 2009, well and good. The theme is selected keeping in view of a competition planned for children to be conducted by Talent Share blog very soon. Also, please try to post limited numbers of photos each time selecting the best from your collection. This will make reviewing and editing work easy for our expert team.

Please also welcome Mr. J. H. Gaspar and Mr. Sujin Balakumaran to the expert team to guide us through a world of knowledge sharing and team building in the coming days. Mr. Gaspar has immense photography knowledge and a guru who nurtured photography talent to many. Mr. Sujin is a talented photographer, a team person and moreover, a friend for all who love to share knowledge and skills. I am sure we all will gain from both of them and their immense photography experiences.

In my previous communication, I touched the point of Discipline. This time, let me take you to Archiving. As a person who is passionate about photography and who likes to click photos without inhibition, I end up taking many pictures each day. Normally, What I do, is to do a transfer of pictures taken each day at the end of the day to a month-wise folder, systematically designed in my computer. This is done, when I keep my batteries for daily charging, so that main set of batteries and the spare are always fully charged each morning. I always take pictures in high resolution and when the transfer process is done and as I get time, I distribute copies of them to numerous folders, again systematically designed – say birds, animals, city scenes, autos, places, events, faces etc. This makes it easier for me to retrieve photos easily whenever I need a specific photo for a write-up or for presenting to a competition or for press. Normally, before posting on to my blogs or for that matter on any public portal, I resize the picture size to make it convenient for viewers to see them from any type or speed of access point they use, including PDA phones. This way it makes easy for normal readers to view and any time anyone interested in a high resolution of it could revert to me for viewing or any other commercial purpose. In addition, as I keep on clicking, I always keep a stock photo of a particular interesting situation for later use so that it never become a duplicate of what I submitted in the sites. The archiving system I developed is by trial and error and by experience. Currently with the help of bigger storage facilities like 500 GB hard disks and so on, keeping multiple version of our precious photography moments safe have become an easy task. However, for new viruses, there is always an easy access and I try to avoid using USBs and other connectors on common computers.

Wish to hear your comments and see your photography knowledge shared. Please invite any keen photographer who may be interested to share his knowledge and skills for our benefit and let us progress ahead each time we visit Passionate Photographers group.

Always keep your eyes open for a precious moment and have a great journey ahead.

God Bless.

Ramesh Menon

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