Monday, August 24, 2009

My Daily Ramadan Thoughts - 03/2009

My Daily Ramadan Thoughts - 03/2009

Abu Dhabi mall decorated to greet customers during the holy month of Ramadan

Within no time we are into the 3rd day of this years holy month of Ramadan. First two days of fasting and prayers have groomed our body and mind to a pious and divine environment. When I thought of writing today’s two points of importance came to me and presenting to you all as it is. Both are somehow connected with Iftar.

As part of Ramadan, we all donate generously to the poor. Sumptuous and pompous Iftar celebrations are also part of the daily fasting. While planning ahead with a detailed Iftar, take a minute and think about the numerous poor who cannot even afford to have a light refreshment to break their fast. Arrange only what is necessary and if you come out with excess fund, try to organise an Iftar for the poor and needy at their place. It may be a labour camp which you know of, or it may be offering to an association who does it on behalf of you. This is one of the most benevolent way of caring the poor and in turn following the path of devotion as guided in our holy books.

Second thought which came into my mind is of the road rage which happens regularly on our highways and streets before the Iftar timings. Many accidents happen and many arguments follow unnecessarily for several unwarranted reasons. Mainly just to reach home to break the fast with friends and relatives. Keep your calmness and observe the traffic rules and regulations. This will benefit you and your fellow road users to reach home safely and observe this days and the coming days religious observance with its fervour and blessings.

Abu Dhabi streets decorated to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan

Wishing another blessed day of Ramadan to all my friends.

Ramesh Menon

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