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Woman of substance - Short Take - Gulf Today - 06 Sepetmber 2014

Woman of substance

A few days ago, I had an opportunity to interview a young UAE local girl student. She was just back after winning a scholarship to attend a prestigious international seminar in Paris. Initially, she was reluctant to speak.

After I convinced her of the importance, she gave me 10 minutes for the discussion.

Slowly opening out, she started talking about her school and college education and then her first work placement as an intern with a reputed government organisation. After gaining adequate skill on the job training, she moved on to her first real job at a national oil company.

True to her nature, she has become one of the key Corporate Social Responsibility representatives of it.

Intelligent and willing to learn more, she is simultaneously learning International Law and Diplomacy at a prestigious university. The intensive programme makes her attend the classes five days a week in the evening. For any ordinary person, this is already more than what one can take.

It was the above two qualities that helped her get selected to attend this prestigious scholarship in France. She was one among the 120 students who made it from different countries. It was a great experience for her as she learned technically and culturally a lot from it.

In turn, she represented herself as ambassador of the country clarifying the queries of her fellow students about life in the UAE.

Here is the difference I made out within that future achiever. Keen to contribute more to the society, she is already working on her family business to establish a series of business enterprises in the emirates.

Once opened, it will be a set of state-of-the-art medical facilities of quality and class within the satellite towns of Abu Dhabi. She has identified the need for the requirement of quality healthcare in that area and almost through with the establishment procedures.

If I am correct, when this facility is inaugurated, she will be the youngest UAE local woman entrepreneur in the medical and health industry.

Girls like her are an asset to this country and inspiration for the future generation. Leaving her office after about an hour, I sincerely wished her the best in her future endeavours.

Ramesh Menon

Gulf Today Dt. 06 September 2014

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