Monday, September 15, 2014

Need for Speed Breakers before Kadugodi Over Bridge

The connecting road from Hoskote to Hope Farm area of Whitefield Bangalore has been relayed beautifully by the authorities. The work has been done in such a way  that the road till the Kadugodi Over Bridge is smooth and in a normal drivable condition as any other standard road. However, this is only on one side. The opposite side of the road still has patches done on a temporary basis that a heavy rain followed by a few heavy trucks can bring it back to the old dangerous condition.

The danger here is not any of these. With the completion of the road work, the traffic has gained momentum in terms of speed. This includes the buses and heavy trucks. A U-turn exists near the bridge making it easy for residents of nearby communities to cross over to the other side of the road. However, the removal of a speed breaker that existed is now causing lot of inconvenience and nearby situations for the drivers to turn and proceed. The bikes, trucks and buses are all in a hurry and neither stop nor reduce the speed!. There is also another serious danger of children from an apartment complex nearby crossing over the road to take their school bus.

Hope, the responsible authorities open their eyes immediately on this serious HSE issue and resolve it by a standard and non-life threatening speed breaker before the U-Turn.

There is one more activity that has to be noted and actions to be taken to avoid dangers and inconvenience to traffic. It is the use of this road by heavy trucks. Many times they breakdown on the bridge causing traffic delays. Control measures have to be made to keep these trucks away from this road till Hope Farm area.

Accidents have to be averted by taking necessary safety measures before and not after they have happened and valuable life lost.

Ramesh Menon

15 September 2014

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