Monday, September 15, 2014

Who will clean the bridge? - Kadugodi Railway Pedestrian Over Bridge - a HSE issue in the making!

Very soon we will be celebrating the 1st birthday of the Kadugodi Pedestrian Overbridge.

Each time I visit and walk through it, I remember the efforts done to have it a reality.

Like every other government or public sector initiatives, this too have its own perils and problems now.

First and foremost is the accumulation of waste all along. A day after a rain, it is very difficult to walk across due to the smell of the decomposition of leaves and other materials, including excreta of human or animals!

Lack of adequate lighting facilities are another problem that is dangerous to all, especially women and children who has to use it during late hours.

Add to it, the line up of small time vendors, who are increasing one by one and making it there own!

Who will do the regular maintenance and cleaning of the bridge? may be a question asked between various authorities involved? Is it the BBMP who is responsible? Or is it the Railway authorities? While they continue to discuss and delay before coming on to a decision and action, let us join hands together and do something urgently.

October 2nd  (Gandhi Jayanthi) is nearing. Why not include the cleaning of Kadugodi Railway Pedestrian Over Bridge as one your Social Responsibility activity associated with it.

Thanks to Sri Balasubramaniam of Golden Blossom Apartment who pointed out to this HSE issue in our area.

Ramesh Menon
15 September 2014

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  1. I am happy to inform that, further to this post, the community members of Golden Blossom Apartments have decided to clean the bridge as a Social Responsibility initiatives from their part. A campaign is planned to happen on 20th September 2014. Those who are interested may contact me urgently to get connected with them. Contact me at