Saturday, September 27, 2014

Marching ahead - Gulf Today - Short Take Dt 27 September 2014

Marching ahead

India has successfully launched an orbiter to Mars. But even during such good times, one can see grumblers raising their head. Someone opined that India should have put a national flag on the spacecraft!

These are not achievements that should be credited as individual or country-specific. These are for the welfare and progress of mankind.

There are other achievements happening too. A group of five Emirati students went on a scholarship programme organised by the French Embassy, Image Nation and Total to study film making at the prestigious La Femis Institute in Paris.

During their five-week stay, they literally learned the state-of-the-art technology and also what life is in a metropolitan European city suburb.

The funniest thing for them was the interaction one of them had with a group of local people. He was enthusiastic and made friendship with some people in his neighbourhood.  As he left them and moved to his apartment, he realised something missing. It was his mobile phone. He knew by then what happened with the new friends and their methods.

He used another phone and called on his number. Promptly, someone speaking Arabic answered. He said, “I know it is you calling for the phone. It is with me now and I took it from you.”

Our gleeful friend thanked him wholeheartedly.

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