Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Transluminescent signage and directions on Abu Dhabi roads

It is foggy days once again in UAE. The photo above was taken at about 10:00 am two days ago. You can imagine, how foggy it would have been during the early morning hours. Crying road safety all these years, I have been writing and requesting repeatedly to initiate several road safety measures to safeguard all road users during such difficult driving conditions. One item in the list was to have road directions painted with translumniescent paint so that lights reflects on them and give correct guidance on driving direction to those who drive during such times.

I was happy this morning. It was too foggy and was happy to see Abu Dhabi Municipality contractors painting the roads with translumniescent paint. I wish them sincerely good luck in their effort to control accidents during foggy days due to rash driving added with poor visibility.

One more thing was emphasized to me and my community reporting instinct. However efforts or how much ever time it takes, persistence to communicate and convince on the merits of a good suggestion always see positive results.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

To read my suggestion, please visit and read my post:
(Please read my report – Coping with fog - Gulf News dated 21.09.2010) . 

Thanks to all those who put their mind and soul to initiate this new safety aspect which will help motorists to find directions easily during extreme fog conditions on our road.

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