Sunday, December 9, 2012

Passionate Clicks of 2012 by Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Presenting you a selection of Passionate Clicks taken till this date of 2012 . Seeking your participation to select the best 10 from it. 10 pictures from this with most likes will be utilised for a project related to eNidhi SREE Nidhi programme. Thanking you all in advance for your valuable time and participation. You may share this album with your contacts.

For your information, these are randomly selected and resized from about 38,053 clicked photos till this date (04 Dec 2012). Those who are interested in mathematics of this presentation can compute and reach an average of 113 clicks per day. Special events, assignments and personal portfolio photos are kept away from this selection.

My inspiration and thanks to all members of Passionate Photographers Group on FB, for presenting their favorite clicks , which formed the most important reference and observation library for me to click and create these many clicks without inhibition. You are welcome to invite those who are interested in Photography to join and present their Passionate Clicks at Passionate Photographers group on FB:

 It was an interesting visit of the Bannerghatta Wild life sanctuary at Bangalore. This tiger was restless after a fight with his mate. Blood was oozing out from it. As we stopped our jeep and as I clicked several pictures, I never realised, it was noticing me. Suddenly, it rushed to me, and my guard come driver alerted and yelled at me to raise my window, and within seconds it was standing next to our jeep. The look - I will never forget.

 This and one other click with a different pose of this temple elephant clicked during the beginning of this year, I will cherish forever.

My room mate, partner and model forever. Mittoo. Always ready for anything what I want it to pose.

VOLVO Ocean Race 2012 - Abu Dhabi leg. The first time ever attempted a real sports shoot in a speed boat following these racing boats. It was four hours of real fun and danger. In the deep sea, rough and windy and with the waves, and as a novice, without no protective gears to cover me or my camera. I was with the French news Team and at the end, we managed to cover a lot.

 The Formula 1 leg of Abu Dhabi. More than 4000 clicks during the 3 days. Managed to capture three accidents that happened during the final. Or rather, lucky to be there at those precious moments. All the more because, the winning car happened to be sponsored by TOTAL.

A worker working on one of the major sewage relining project in Abu Dhabi. It took more than two weeks for them to unearth and then relay the existing lines and install new ones in our area. Lot of hard work. It also brought out to me how they silently contributed to the progress of a nation.

Finally, reminiscence of the departure of my loving grandmother. She was everything for me. I wish, I got more time than the time I spent after her death, to be with her when she was alive. It made me realise one more time, be with those who love and live for, when they are alive than when they are no more.

To see, other selected clicks from this series, please visit my FB page and album

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