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Ancestral tree - Short Take - Gulf Today Dt. 22.12.2012

Ancestral tree

Another year in our life is completing, as fast ever as possible. As an individual, I had lots of ups and downs, turbulent times, losing or winning days. It all marked the beauty of the year 2012 that was.

Several people and interactions passed by during this time. Some, I do not remember at all, but certain others, I definitely remember.

One was the trip I took to India to perform rituals associated with the first death anniversary of my mother-in-law.

We were asked by the priest to name our ancestors. He started asking the name of our parents. We answered. He asked the name of our grandparents. With a bit of difficulty, we answered that too. He then asked the name of our grand grandparents. We got stuck.

Our knowledge train about our family stopped then and there. We decided we should find out more details and prepare a family tree.

Back here in the UAE, I met the other day, a UAE national and colleague of mine, who incidentally brought to me a photo showing his family tree consisting of his ancestors leading to a list stretching a hundred years back.

It took him a great deal of time, but he was proud to show me the legacy. Why should we not try to emulate it as a task for the new year?

Explore our way to our ancestors’ memories and roots.

Ramesh Menon

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