Monday, December 24, 2012

A day with God’s children at Sai Ashraya Dham

A day with God’s children at Sai Ashraya Dham….

It was the time of celebrations all around…celebrations for Christmas, New Year and lot of excitement with exchanging gifts and greetings at Embitel Technologies, Bangalore. With the idea to “Make a Life Happy This Christmas” we decided to visit an orphanage, celebrate & share our part of happiness with them.

With tremendous contribution from fellow colleagues @ Embitel who joined hands in collecting clothes, funds, toys, stationary etc. for our visit which was planned for 22nd Dec, Saturday to SAI ASHRAYADHAM.

On the visit day.. ( Saturday, 22.12.2012)

Fully prepared to meet the kids and in hope to spend a quality time, I with my colleagues reached the place at 12:30 PM. As our visit was delayed by an hour’s time and thinking the kids might be waiting as we had informed that we will be sponsoring the day’s lunch. We rushed in with the food first, but were relaxed to know that we are before time for lunch. 

While trying to settle and start introduction, we had Mr. & Mrs. Sharma coming in to see if things are Ok with us here. Mr. Sharma took us on a tour of the premises and shared his wonderful & divine experiences fulfilling his noble duty for more than 16 years serving with food & shelter for god’s children (Sai Ashrayadham), poor patients that come for treatment to Satya Sai Hospital (Sai Arogyadham) and home for Old & Ailing animals (Sai Gokuldham).

We started the day’s activity with distributing cakes, followed by playing several fun games, giving prizes/ gifts for winners/performances. It was such a true feeling to experience, just by looking at the kids smiling face with hopes in their eyes and when you know it’s all because of you.

The lunch Time…

Before lunch, they all gathered in the bhajan hall and to our astonishment, they started singing Sai Bhajans with great perfection, adding to it Mohan (the blind kid) was playing tabala like a professional.  It’s rare to see in today’s fast moving generation the kind of discipline they had and how organized a kid of 6-7 years of age can be. They all liked the food and enjoyed the meal. At the time lunch was over it was around 4 PM, we handed over the stationary and clothes to the care taker and decided to leave. While returning we all were happy to have such a memorable day in our life and had an extra ordinary feeling of MAKING A LIFE HAPPY THIS CHRISTMAS. 

Arpan Panigrahy and team members
Embitel Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Our sincere thanks to Arpan and colleagues for showering kindness and bringing out happy smile to these blessed ones.

May god bless you all to sustain this ray of kindness throughout your life.

Regards and best wishes for a great year.

Ramesh Menon & family

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