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Christmas 2012 @ Sai Gokul Dham & Sai Ashraya Dham

Christmas 2012 @ Sai Gokul Dham & Sai Ashraya Dham

It was a special Christmas for us. Early morning at the Brindavan ashram Bangalore with a candle light procession to the nearby church singing carols. In the afternoon a visit to the Sai Gokul Dham, which shelters about 75 animals of special kind. They were all types - cows, buffaloes, horses, goats, dogs, cats parrots, doves etc..They are all abandoned by their owners, either due to old age or deformities.

They were looked after well and enjoyed the short time we could spend with them feeding them fresh fruits and leaves.

Off to Sai Ashraya Dham from there. A bit late due to the long journey back. But, with the quality time we had with those animals, we never felt the distance we drove back. The young army were eager and waiting for us. Straight to the prayer hall with the cake and food items, and we thought of reversing the process, normally we do whenever we conduct such a gathering. We had the arathi first and served food to the children, who all enjoyed the meal and then food distribution to the by-standers of several patients from the nearby hospital. It was 3:30 by the time we finished serving to all and had our food at the premises. 

We could not wait more to have a bhajan session, in which Jayant , Deepika and Rajashree sang nice bhajans. Not to forget the memorable songs sung by the children lead by Mahesh on vocal and Mohan on Tabala. Mohan was excellent, especially to see him playing well to not familiar bhajans sung by the three from our side. I realized, this is what is called an “Eye for Music” as he was totally blind and just listened to the voice and played along beautifully. At one point of time, as I captured the actions through my camera, I was surprised, there was not one, not two, but 18 quality young singers in the group as they sang with lots of devotion and interest.

Pankaj and Sujatha felt extremely happy to distribute the sweets to children and we concluded with some small games and handed over pencils, books, and toys brought to the kids by Manisha.  A photo session followed and we all wished them good luck for doing well in the forthcoming exams.

A surprise was waiting us as we returned to our cars. A neatly plastered rose flower on our windscreens and as they saw our surprise, they said, thank you uncle – Om Sai Ram.

Christmas at its best.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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Christmas 2012 @ Sai Gokul Dham & Sai Ashraya Dham

We also remember and thank all my friends and colleagues from TOTAL who donated clothes and books, Mrs. Uthara Ghosh and family, Mr. Sreenivas and family, Mr. Vipin and family and many others who showed kindness to join us in this scheme.

Weekly once an an afternoon study session is conducted to assist these children in Computer, Mathematics and English. Anyone interested to join and give the volunteers a helping hand may contact us on the details mentioned e Nidhi SREE NIDHI .

To contact Sai Ashrayadham directly, you may please call Mr. A P N Sharma – Ph 09845024039
Mr. Vaidyanathan – Ph. 09880109400.

Those who are interested to participate may also revert to me by email (

Venue: Every Saturday between 2 pm and 4 pm at Sai Ashrayadham, Near Belthur Bus Stop, Kadugodi Post, Bangalore 560067.Ph 09845024039 (Contact Shri A P N Sharma).

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