Monday, August 17, 2015

Chingam 1st - Wish you a blessed year ahead

To all malayali friends, today is Chingam 1st (first month and the 1st day of Malayalam Calendar year). Wish you a blessed year ahead. It also announces the arrival of Onam, the harvest festival of Keralites.

This flower named "Thumbapoo" is an integral part of onam floral decorations.

Thumbapoo - botanical name Leucas zeylanica, commonly Ceylon slitwort (Sinhala: ගැටතුඹ, Geta-tumba in Sinhala, halkusha in Bengali, Guldora in Punjabi, kulnnphul in Gujarati, Goma madhupati in Hindi, Kubo in Sindhi, Bhutamari in Oriya, Bahuphul in Marathi, Thumbai in Tamil, Thumbe in Kannada, Thummi in Telugu and Thumba in Malayalam ), is a small, terrestrial, herbaceous, annual, erect or sometimes tufted, hispid and aromatic plant of the subfamily Lamioideae of family Lamiaceae. Botanical synonyms include Leucas bancana Miq., Phlomis zeylanica Linn. and Spermacoce denticulata Walp., and is native in Tropical Asia to Malaya.

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