Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hard work – only way to success

I love to visit Mumbai whenever I get a chance. The place has lot of specialties in it which no other city in India can boast about. First and foremost I value is the way people work hard to earn their daily bread. You will get to find people living and enjoying with even a meager daily income.
My regular visits have made me connect with a special friend in Mumbai. I met him 6 years ago during a rainy season, when I was waiting for a taxi outside my hotel. Many taxis came and I was not comfortable to stop them as I felt they may stop in the rain submerged roads. Then came one very old Maruti high roof van. The van’s poor condition with its windows opened made it convenient to explore my photography opportunities. He was familiar with the city and took me around for the next three days.
The rapport generated continued from then on and every time since then he was my driver to take me around when in Mumbai.
As usual this time too I called him and there he comes with a different car. His owner had sold his favorite (mine too) Maruti and now given him a Hyundai Getz.
We travelled around in it and several topics came up for discussion and one item was progress in one’s career. I asked him whether he wanted to have his own car one day? He said to me, he is happy with the daily earnings he gets after paying the owner Rs 500. Some days are good and some days bad. Minor works to the car will be done by him and any major repair by its owner. With it, he takes care of his wife and children, who live in another state.
He said, “Sir, I believe in hard work and may be one day, if I am able to save more, I will buy a bigger car – an Innova or something, where I can take tourists around. I don’t pray to god to get me a lottery or any other things which I do not deserve. Give me my daily bread and take care of my family. That is my prayer always”.
I felt great to hear from him those words, as of course, I have already found him to be a honest person from his interactions all these years.  I move around in the city with all my cameras and electronic equipment and not even once I felt insecure with him.
My driver and local guide Sandip Dubey (Mobile: 08080183510 / 08108453706) proved once again that there are good human beings everywhere. You can try him too if you are visiting Mumbai next time (he will be mostly near the International Airport). (Of course, all normal statutory warnings associated with self precaution connected to this citation).
I am looking forward to the time when he will drive around in his own Innova car.

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