Saturday, May 31, 2014

Perfect destination - Gulf Today - Short Take - 31 May 2014

Perfect destination

It was indeed a memorable four weeks that passed in a flash. Although the temperature shot up during these days, it never dampened the spirit of a set of tourists who were visiting the UAE for the first time in their life.

Within the short time available, it was my turn to take them around the 7 emirates of the UAE and show them the growth the country achieved within a quarter of a century.

It was interesting for me to take them around and explain to them the transformation of small shops to bigger malls over a period of time.

Impressed and interested, they were eager to start their journey each day with enthusiasm, forgetting most of the time their age and health conditions.

All these years, they were unable to visit the UAE as they had elders to look after. Now, they are leading a relaxed life and it was their turn to visit and experience this nostalgic tourism and work destination, which they had seen only in photos and on television.

I am talking about none other than my elderly parents.

Many a time before, even if they had the opportunity to visit, they had resisted. But after this visit and tour of the United Arab Emirates and witnessing its progress, they turned nostalgic. After dinner at a south Indian restaurant in Deira, my father was telling the restaurant manager that he would return soon.

It was emotional for me to take them there, as it was the same restaurant where I used to have my daily meals during the initial years of my career in the UAE.

I am convinced this is a blessed nation with magical hospitality and feelings for the tourists.

Ramesh Menon

Short Take, Gulf Today, 31 May 2014

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