Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Story of the Date Palm Trees - Indeed a journey worth following

This is an interesting example I am uploading today. While taking my parents to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, this particular palm tree caught my attention and as usual I moved away from them and started clicking many photos of the tree from various angles. My parents were watching and seeing me taking trouble, some other visitors stopped and started observing. In it was a legend from the UAE press with his family. As I noticed him, I went to him and said hello and he said, I knew it was you!. What was more funny was the scene that followed. As I moved away from the tree, I saw a man from Northern part of India, walking down the tree and started clicking it, the way I was trying, using his iPhone. He was with his family, daughters and son in laws and grand children. I walked past them and overheard what he was telling to his family. Oh, tho paagal nahi hey! Yeh bahuth khoobsoorath angle miltha hey, aise try karega tho! (meaning in english - he is not mad, I am getting beautiful angles to capture if I try this way).

I did want to go back and tell him that he was wrong - I am indeed mad about photographing Palm trees, and have by now covered almost all the flowering trees within Abu Dhabi, and nearby emirates!. Following them and in the process, creating a beautiful story and history!.

If you are interested in photography, do not miss out, join and participate in Our Story of the Date Palm Trees.

Chances are high that your clicks will be highlighted with prominence in future. Best wishes in advance and please share with friends and family who may be interested.

Ramesh Menon

11th May 2014

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