Saturday, May 24, 2014

Crossing the line - Short Take - Gulf Today - 24 May 2014

Crossing the line

In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, I have seen pedestrians display scant respect for rules while crossing the roads in a hurry. At times, it is so scary making me wonder whether they really care for their self and family when they cross at undesignated sections of the road, even while talking on the phone.

Here is an incident I can quote, which is as recent as two days. I was driving on a two- way inside road behind Hamdan streeet of Abu Dhabi. A well-dressed man was crossing the road at his own pace talking on the phone, not at all bothered about vehicles coming from both directions.

I stopped and also saw another vehicle coming from the opposite direction.  Luckily, although the driver was also on the phone, he saw the pedestrian and he too stopped and the person crossed, without any care or consideration for both of us.

Witnessing his careless attitude, I tried to talk to him and he started arguing that it was his right to cross wherever he wanted and whatever he does was his own problem. I wished him good luck and continued.

Always drive carefully. Pedestrians in the UAE are still uneducated as far as their own safety and the drivers risk getting involved in an accident due to careless crossing.

So, be safe rather than regret later, even if the mistake is not yours. Never use a mobile while driving.

Ramesh Menon

Short Take - Gulf Today - 24 May 2014

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